eHarmony Responds to Wedding Data Article

I am happy to see eHarmony responding inside their recognized blog to articles called “Marriage-Maker states Are Tied in Knots ” through the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article examines many of the wedding statistics circulated by internet dating sites like eHarmony in addition to the strategy always estimate such data. We talked a little about it topic nicely, a few weeks ago whenever the initial WSJ article was actually printed (see tale).

The WSJ post didn’t look to kindly regarding the statistics circulated by adult dating sites, and also for the most component I buy into the author. Individuals needs to learn just how these research are created. Of all of the internet dating sites pointed out in the WSJ post, “eHarmony sticks out as among a lot more mindful ones”. This is not precisely a glowing report for eHarmony very, they made a decision to publish a response to their weblog.

Inside the eHarmony post each goes into further details on the way they calculated that their dating site had been in charge of 2% of marriages in the usa, from the 12-month period stopping March 2007. A lot of info we already realized about from a previously launched PDF document named “eHarmony | Harris involved 2007 Marriage Metrics amount of eHarmony Marriages” (see tale), however the blog post does clean out a few more details. Exactly what this web site post really does tv show is, eHarmony is trying are as open and clear through its study conclusions that you can. I think title “start telecommunications” may certainly end up being the ideal choice for any formal eHarmony blog.

Right here is the complete eHarmony response to the Wall Street Journal about how exactly they calculate their relationship data. For additional details about this dating site, read our very own review of eHarmony.